Request Tax Exempt Status

Lazzar's Floor Jack/ is required to collect sales tax from out-of-state businesses in a number of states. If you purchase or ship to one of the states listed below, you must supply a Sales Tax Exempt form from the states you wish us to deliver product to, in order to avoid being charged sales tax.

States Where We Collect Tax

(To locate the correct form, complete a web search by the form name or number)

  • Arkansas - (form / AK Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement)
  • California (form / CDTFA-230)
  • Georgia (form / ST-5)
  • Illinois (form / CRT-61)
  • Indiana (form /ST-105)
  • Kentucky (form / 51A105)
  • Louisiana (form / R1064)
  • Maryland (form / Suggested Blanket Resale Certificate)
  • Michigan (form / 3372)
  • Minnesota (form / ST3)
  • Nebraska - (form / Form 13)
  • New Jersey (form / ST-3)
  • North Carolina (form / E-595E)
  • Ohio - (form / STEC B)
  • Virginia - (form / ST-10)

Sales Tax Exempt Application Process

(please follow the steps below)

  1. You must have an existing online shopping account with Lazzar's Floor Jack/ If you do not have an account, create one here
  2. Email the following to
    • Your resale or tax exemption certificate
    • Business name and email address used for your online shopping account.
  3. Once the submitted forms are reviewed, you will be notified and a Tax Exempt Status will be applied to your online shopping cart account. You must use this account when purchasing products online from Lazzar's Floor Jack in order to have the Tax Exempt Status applied to your orders.