Marc Lazzar
Opened doors in 2007, online since 2008

I have been interested in mechanics my entire life. Hydraulics always fascinated me. I did not always think that hydraulics were magic, and never thought I would be in the business of hydraulic repair. I started in hydraulics repair when I purchased a commercial metal-cutting band saw from a seller on Craigslist. The unit did not work, but I bought it anyway and was sure that I could repair it. The hydraulic feed cylinder did not work. Initially I couldn't figure out how to take it apart, so I called the factory and asked for a drawing and a repair kit. The factory told me the cylinder was not repairable nor could be taken apart. That was all I needed; it became my mission to repair this un-repairable item.

It took me two days and two long-time friend's help to see how the unit came apart. Next was the cleaning and total disassembly. I then shopped for a supplier of "O" rings and seals. It took me two months to find a supplier. I purchased what I needed and proceeded to work on my project. I cleaned and assembled the cylinder and found that it still leaked. I took the cylinder to the mechanic that works on my boat hydraulics and asked how to get this cylinder to stop leaking. Rainbow Marine took me under their wing and allowed me to work on the unit in their shop. With some help and supervision, they taught me the fundamentals of how hydraulics work and what was needed to perfectly repair a cylinder. With this new found knowledge I knew that hydraulic cylinder repair was to become the beginning of a wonderful business.

I decided to focus on fixing medium to small cylinders, no cranes, no forklifts, just men lifting. With minimum equipment and maximum knowledge and understanding of hydraulic cylinders, I turned a piece of hydraulic "junk" into a properly working unit with the correct seals. I take no shortcuts, and get great pleasure out of returning to each customer with their equipment able to perform the way it was designed to work.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to thrill myself every day.

— Marc Lazzar


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