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Repair Services - OD Grinding & Polishing

At this time we're no longer offering repairs.

OD Grinding and Polishing
Grinding and Polishing

Lazzar's Hydraulic Repair offers this service to its customer's as part of a full set of repair abilities. Mechanical preparation of parts is divided generally into two operations: Grinding and Polishing. Lazzar has a full range of machines to meet all your demands for preparation quality and reproducibility.

The first step we take in the mechanical material removal process is called grinding. The process removes damaged and deformed surface material. The goal is a plane surface with minimal damage that can be removed easily during the polishing process in the shortest amount of time. There are two (2), types of grinding; Plane grinding or PG and Fine Grinding or FG. Plane grinding is the first step and it insures that all the surfaces are similar despite the initial condition. Fine grinding produces a surface with such a small amount of deformation that it can be easily removed during the polishing process.


The polishing process must remove the damage that is introduced during the grinding process to the component. Polishing is accomplished by using successively smaller abrasive particles. We use Oxide polishing. Whatever the job requirement may be, Lazzar Hydraulic Repair can perform to you standards and to code.