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Warehouse - Forklifts

At this time we're no longer offering repairs.

Warehouse - Forklifts

Lazzar Hydraulics repairs and rebuilds the hydraulic components for all types of forklifts.

The components we service are:

  • Side shifter
  • Fork positioner
  • Roll and barrel clamp attachment
  • Carton clamp attachment
  • Slip sheet attachment
  • Telescoping fork for double stacking

We service the following forklift classes:

  • Class 1- Lift codes 4, 5 and 6
  • Class 3 - Lift codes 2, 5, and 7
  • Class 4 - Lift code 3
  • Class 5 - Lift code 4

At Lazzar Hydraulics we are proud to service the following major manufacturers:

  • Toyota
  • Crown
  • Clark
  • Nissan
  • Hyundai
  • Hyster

Lazzar Hydraulics performs any forklift hydraulic repair service or rebuild job to your specifications quickly, professionally and with the expertise you have come to expect. The cylinder barrel can be machined and honed back to original specifications and tolerances. The piston rods can be repaired, hard chromed and brought back to original specifications as well. Lazzar Hydraulics can also replace the rod gland, wear rings, piston rings and seals and the rod wipers.

Whatever the problem, the experts at Lazzar Hydraulics are here with a service team, a supply chain and facilities that will respond and surpass expectations in order to get your equipment back to work quickly and without further problems.