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Repair Services - Automotive Lifts

At this time we're no longer offering repairs.

Automotive Lifts

HCRC is an authorized service center for BendPak.


All manufactures request every unit to be inspected once a year. HCRC is able to repair or replace all parts of the lift. Electrical and hydraulic.

OSHA Compliance Sticker

Inspections Include:

  • Check bolts for tightness, wear or missing
  • Check anchor bolts for proper torque
  • Check for oil leakage
  • Inspect for faulty and worn parts
  • Inspect moving parts for wear
  • Check wire, rope and sheaves for wear
  • Inspect adapters
  • Properly lubricate all moving parts
  • Check cable connections for wear
  • Inspect for broken and/or missing pins
  • Check equalizer cable and properly adjust
  • Inspect locking latch mechanism for proper adjustment

All of these items must be done once a year per manufacturer. HCRC will supply a written check list of all items that meet or fail inspection.

Sliding Bridge Jacks
Sliding Bridge Jacks

Inspection includes:

  • Properly lubricate all parts
  • Check hoses and connections
  • Verify safety lock operates within manufacture specs
  • Properly lubricate and check for wear (safety lock mechanism)
  • Visually inspect all moving parts for wear; replace or repair

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