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Repair Services - Automotive Jacks

At this time we're no longer offering repairs.

Automotive Lifts

HCRC is an authorized service center for BendPak, Norco, Hein-Werner, Omega and Porto-Power.

BendPak Norco Hein-Werner
Omega Porto-Power
Hydraulic Jack Basics

Hydraulic jacks have 6 main parts:

  1. Reservoir: To hold hydraulic fluid
  2. Pump: To pressurize the fluid and move it to the cylinder
  3. Check Valve: A one way port, allowing fluid to go through to the cylinder
  4. Cylinder: Holds the pressurized fluid
  5. Piston and rod: These are in the cylinder, when the pressurized fluid is introduced it displaces the piston and rod and the moving begins
  6. Release Valve: The bypass valve that allows the pressurized fluid to be released back into the reservoir
Repair of Hydraulic Equipment includes:
  • Disassembly, the frame and the hydraulic unit
  • Hot water and degreaser cleaning of all parts
  • Inspection of all parts (we will contact you with any broken/worn parts list)
  • Install manufactures seal kit (where available) in the hydraulic unit
  • Assemble and fill with only premium grade hydraulic fluid
  • Test the load capacity, check for leaks
  • Adjust load capacity when necessary
  • Lubricate/grease all, wheels, casters, bearings, handle and any other moving part
  • Inspection and final test throughout the full range of motion

Hydraulic units and frames repaired by us. Parts warranty is limited to the new parts installed by us and subject to our replacement. Failure due to lack of lubrication, misapplication, abuse, improper use, and damage beyond our control will VOID WARRANTY.

Repair Options:

Need help with your repairs? There are several ways that we can help:

  1. Click here to purchase a seal repair kit for your jack, pump or cylinder.
  2. Send your old seals to us and well measure and replace them. Click here for mailing information.
  3. Measure your parts, send us your measurements and well send your replacement seals. Click here for mailing information.
  4. Send your entire hydraulic unit to us and well handle the necessary repairs and replacements. Click here for mailing information.

Hydraulic unit: If necessary, customer will be notified. Lathe work or hone work is $120.00 per hour, minimum ½ hour billing.

Frame: If necessary, customer will be notified. Straitening or welding is $85.00 per hour, minimum ½ hour billing.

Disassembly: If necessary, customer will be notified. This is based on all nuts, bolts, screws not being rusted solid. If the unit will not come apart without needing heat, special tools, tap and die. There will be a charge of $120.00 per hour, minimum ½ hour billing.

Additional charge: Casters, wheels, handles, brackets, any part that is not included with the seal kit.

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