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Thank you for your great customer service!
Lazzar's are lucky to have you!
Brenda W of Porterfield, WI

Jack Repaired: Norco 71030

Hello Marc,
Thanks for the nice shipment, I have received the parcel with the repair kit in good condition.
Johan G of Zeist, Utrecht Netherlands

Jack Repaired: KRW / KR Wilson 137BH-1

Thank you for your informative and prompt reply - it was much appreciated
I have now purchased the spring from you and am now looking forward to a fully operational Jack
Wishing you well and thank you once again for your help

Jack B of Todmorden, Lancashire United Kingdom

Jack Repaired: Blue-Point GM 3.0

Thank you for your assistance. I apologize for the delay. I just finished ordering the kit.
Mitch M of Ramona CA

Jack Repaired: Blackhawk 67393

Thanks for the right parts.
Ryan B of San Martin CA

Jack Repaired: Lincoln 93642

Thank you Marc - the seal is a perfect fit and I am very happy I that I could save the old jack. 
Claus T of ANN ARBOR, MI

Jack Repaired: U Cup Seal 06x12x07

Thank you very much, I found the steel balls, The large one is 3/8 and the small one is 1/4, I was even lucky enough to find a seal in my junk seal box and was able to fix it. Thank you for answering , I really like your web site.

Jim I of Omaha NE

Jack Repaired: Hein Werner 54

Thank you so much! You are a life saver!

This is just what I need. Have the leather soaking. 

Thanks again!!!
Matthew Mc of Sloatsburg, NY

Jack Repaired: Weaver WA-67

Marc, thanks . I know you are busy. So thanks for the oil information . Have a great weekend !

Don C of Manassas Park VA


Jack Repaired: Sears 328.12160

Hi ! Received kit yesterday ! Thank you for your service! I will inform my Snap-On dealer because he has run into this problem before with much frustration including me ! Thankfully I found you on the web ! Thanks Glen !

Glen H of Lake Cowichan BC Canada


Jack Repaired: Napa 91-642

Thank you.  Your tech man was a big help.  I already took off some of the parts I have to replace.  The oil seal item 8-4 has a grooved side and a flat side.  Can you tell me which side faces down.  I didn’t  make note of it when it came out.  Thank you

Larry J of Brooklyn MI


Jack Repaired: Sears 328.12160

Thanks for the speedy help.
Stewart Y of Kitimat BC Canada

Jack Repaired: Stewart needed explaining on measuring seals

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial
Marc you're the Man!
I just ordered it
Thank you for your help!
Stacy G of Sunrise Beach, MO

Stacy emailed a picture of a part and I was able to recognize it. This is just a lucky one.

Jack Repaired: Hein Werner 209910 Clip for Pump

By the way, I did buy two of the longer springs for my 3-ton jacks.  These are the right ones.  Thanks again.
Mike B of Rockford, MI

Jack Repaired: Torsion Springs

Hi, just a little note to say that my jack works perfectly! Thanks for your personal help and your excellent website information.


Doug G of Janesville, WI


Jack Repaired: Jet JASJ-20

Thank you for replying as fast as you did ,, my wife has placed an order for me , Her email may show up on the order.

David B of Williamsburg KY


Jack Repaired: Blackhawk CJ-43

Hello, I wanted to thank your company for the great service and especially the representative, Marc for his patience, his expertise in making sure that I purchase the right parts to fix my floorjack. I will recommend your company to others who have floor jack problems. Again, thank you.

Richard M of Aledo TX



(Note from Marc: Sometimes I am a pain in the ass. This one just worked out for me.)

Jack Repaired: Import Jack, needed Cooper Crush washers and an Oring

Thanks for your call the other day with an update on the situation regarding the Hein Werner WS rebuild kit. I hope you have an easy time getting this corrected with your supplier.
I really appreciate you taking the time to contact me and provide a solution.

Have a great weekend.

Keith P of Downs, IL


Jack Repaired: Hein Werner WS

I installed the recent U-seal I received and it has functioned perfectly , restoring the Alltrade model 480578, " 2" ton alloy floor jack,(quick pump model) to original operating conditions. I honed the cylinder to clean it up and removed the plastic thin washer that was under the original U- green seal as the new replacement U-seal fit perfect in the ram end without it.
Testing it out on a 1500 Silverado, it lifted the front right section of the truck mounted on the frame, lifting the tire up 3 inches off the pavement and it held firm.  This particular jack is my travel jack due to it's light weight, but does require more effort to pump up under load , that is the way it has been since I originally purchased it from Costco in early 2002.
Thanks for you help in obtaining this special U-seal !
Rand N of Plantation FL

Jack Repaired: Alltrade 480578 from Costco

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial

Hi Marc, 

Thanks for identifying the old floor jack for me. I've ordered the kit.
Edward H of National City CA

Jack Repaired: Hein Werner K

I just wanted to leave you a follow up message on my purchase. First of all thanks for the heads up on possible different mounting bolts, because they were different. i"ve used the jack several times with no complaints. I am a full time diesel mechanic and use this jack at home for all my side work, and it works great! i could of bought a new style jack, but as with so mant products i worry about ending up with something that just dont measure up. It usually turs out to be chinese junk. They are great at makeing something appear to be the same , but the truth is they skimp  EVERYWHERE they can , and the consumer gets cheated. as you said about mine, it says "made in america" , but how can we be sure? To bad there:s not a measure in place to be able to check what you buy. I never truly appreciated people pushing this statement , but as time passes by i find they were ahead of the curve. Thanks for your help,    

Dave B of Flint MI


Jack Repaired: Lincoln 93642

Done.  Thanks for your assistance.


Joe T of Magnolia TX


Jack Repaired: Sears 214.12400

Steve & Marc,

 Thanks to the parts you have made available, we were able to repair our Hein-Werner Jack E12.9 A-1. Once we understood that one has to look at the pictures rather than relying on the written information in the owners manual, we were able to find just what we needed on your website. We needed the jointed piston assembly and most of the parts from the seal kit for the repair. It is back together and works with no leaks! The service you provide is a valuable one and we appreciate it.
Liz & Alan I of Sacramento CA

Jack Repaired: Hein Werner E12.9A-1

Marc-thanks so much for all the advise. As things happen, my friend also rebuilt his O'boy, and had bought two kits, so he had the seals leftover...did them as you described-worked perfect! Regards,

Hank L of Florence OR


Jack Repaired: Hein Werner WS

Thank you again Marc.  The parts were exactly what i needed. The tech support was right on the spot too. I just went out and found the seat tip in the garage. I will install it later. I blew it out when I pumped it while the ujoint seating screw was out.  I m sure it ll work once i put it back in.  

Thanks again. 

Rob P of Geismar, LA


Jack Repaired: Lincoln 93652


Well, you'll never believe it, but I found my old jack saddle when using the 4" one I bought from you for the first time.  It was stuck underneath my girlfriend's car.
The saddle was press-fitted around four mounting bolts securing a rear frame bracket in front of the passenger side wheel on her Chrysler Sebring.  The last time I undoubtedly used the jack with that saddle (I used a circular block of wood over the rocker receiver until now) was last Sept/Oct to inspect her noisy -- and now replaced -- exhaust system.  In the interim, she had put on thousands of New York, winter time, north country miles.  And when she complained the other day about intermittent loud noises coming from the rear of the car, I got out the jack with the new saddle installed and when I went to put the saddle on that bracket, there was the old saddle stuck to the bolts.  It was so tightly stuck that I used a crow bar to dislodge it.
The original saddle measures 6-1/2" OD.  Think that I'll just clean her up, put her on the shelf and give her a well-deserved rest.

Dennis C of Scotia, NY

Jack Repaired: Purchased a Jack Saddle

Part arrived today fit perfect old jack back in action.
Thank you very much
Larry C of Adams Center NY

Jack Repaired: Lincoln 93642

Hi Marc,
Thanks so much for your help.  Yes, the "How to Measure Seals" was a big 
help.  Your company goes way beyond others in customer service.  I am 
grateful.  I am attaching  the measurements and a couple of photos I took to 
help in the process, my jack main ram cup seems pretty standard. 

Thank you very much for your help.

Respectfully yours,
Ron H of Damascus OR

Jack Repaired: Harbor Freight - Needed a Seal

My jack works just like new. Thanks

Ron H of Southport FL

Jack Repaired: Sears 328.12041

Thank you Marc.
I have placed an order. I appreciate all your help.
Kendra S of Waterford VT

Jack Repaired: Napa 91-642


Thanks, Marc. YOU ROCK!

Craig C of Delafield, WI

Jack Repaired: Central Hydraulics model 4172 2 ΒΌ ton floor jack


Just to let you know that the kit arrived and I have finished rebuilding the jack. All is working well and the old jack is back in  business. Thank you for your help and assistance.

Joseph S of St Louis MO

Jack Repaired: Hein Werner WS

You did not need to do that for me. It was not in anyway your fault. Thanks for it though.

Phil T of Phelan CA
Added Note by Marc: Package lost by the post office. Customer did not ask for anything. He just purchased another. I discounted it 1/2.

Jack Repaired: Hein Werner - PLATE, HEEL, 1/2 x 1-1/2 - Item No. 230301

Excellent support and follow-up.  Order placed.  Thank you, Marc.
James L of San Antonio TX

Jack Repaired: Sears 328.12031

Just ordered the kit. Thanx for the quick replies.

Scott G Technical Director TKX Performance Huntington Station, NY

Jack Repaired: Hein Werner 93714

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial
 I had meant to get back to you sooner about how the O-rings worked on that jack, but was waiting until I could give it a good test. Last week I got the jack back together and it worked fine on my Dodge D-150, but I wasn't going to be convinced until I tried it on the "jack buster" - my wife's Chevy Suburban. I finally was able to put it to the test on that vehicle and it passed with flying colors!
I jacked both vehicles up multiple times, and also let the jack support all the weight of each for about 15 to 20 minutes to see if anything would fail or leak.  The jack maintained it's height with no leaks. (I NEVER get under a vehicle without jack stands - usually with "back up" jack stands as I'm kind of claustrophobic and also a little paranoid of parts/tools like jacks, jack stands, & even tires failing at the worst possible time)!
At this point I'm going to consider the jack fixed and really want to say THANKS for your time and help. I know you went out of your way when there wasn't enough $ involved to make it worth while from that stand point, but I do really appreciate it!
Rich S of Bradenton FL

Jack Repaired: Sears 50167


Just wanted to let you know I received my seal and it worked perfectly.   Thanks for your help.  Glad to have my floor jack back. 
Don W of Muncie, IN

Jack Repaired: Blue-Point floor jack YA1642A

"purchased on the 24th and received on the 25th"
Thanks for the great service, already received the package!!!!!!

Jeff A of Los Angeles CA


Jack Repaired: Hein Werner O"Boy

Hi again Marc

Thank very much for being able to supply and send me the seal I need. I have just paid through Pay Pal for it so you should have payment shortly.

I just have trouble getting my head around the fact I can come in from my shed to this computer and find a seal to fix my floor jack from over the other side of the world.
How fantastic is the internet system.

Cheers, and I will stay in touch for any other items I may need.

Chris D of Torquay, Queensland Austrailia


Jack Repaired: Prolift 2500kg

Thank you for all the help. I am ordering the parts today
Jeff A of Los Angeles CA

Jack Repaired: Hein Werner OBoy

Thanks Marc.  I ordered 1.  If it works out for me ill order 3 more.  

Jay M of Cedar Part, TX


Jack Repaired: Norco Transmission Jack

Thank You for the great response. I placed a order and paid for kit # 1014.

Have a Great Day.

Dean K of Department of Public Works BOD, Facility Management GS-11


Jack Repaired: Snap On Fold Up Crane YA704B


Thank you for the quick reply!!  Here's what Ive got.

After looking at your sight, it appears to be a "symmetrical" u-seal and is whitish/yellow in color.
I appreciate your help.  Ill place the order. 
Thanks again 
Don W of Hanford, CA

Jack Repaired: Snap On YA1642A, The seal kit is discontinued so I helped him figure out size of ram seal.


Steve C of Greenfield NH


Jack Repaired: Napa 520-1007

Order has been placed.

Thanks for your help!

Russell S of Rincon GA


Jack Repaired: Central Hydraulics 42820 2 1/2 ton floor jack

It fix now - went over your site how the jack operate fluid wise and found a particle object and clean out all ball/spring channels - thanks - my apologies on my comment & will pass word around.

Jerry K of Belleview, FL


Jack Repaired: Sears 50145

Thanks for your help.

Robert R



Cust called to purchase seals. I explained how to adjust the seals he had. No purchase necessary.

Jack Repaired: Jet Shop Press - HT15

Parts worked out great...   thanks for helping !
Take care!
Jack P of Apex, NC

Jack Repaired: Some junker, Central Hydraulics 42820, measured and purchased seals.

Marc. Jack is alive and well! Merry Christmas

Dave M of Media, PA


Jack Repaired: ATD7302, measured and purchased seals

Marc, Thanks for sending out that exchanged seal so quickly. My jack is up and working again.

Jeff M of Wenatchee WA


Jack Repaired: Sears 50145 seal kit

Hello again, Marc;

Your service is more than impressive!  In my last e-mail, I indicated that I received
the seals in two days.  Actually, it was just 36 hours between the time I placed the
order and when I had the seals in my hands.  I placed the order on your web site
at 11:16PM on Oct. 24, and I had the seals in my hand at 11:16AM on Oct. 26.
A very impressive time from Long Beach, CA to Candia, NH.   The seals were
actually at the post office at 9:25AM but I didn't get there until 11:16AM.

Best Regards;

Myrle M of Candia, NH

Jack Repaired: Hein Werner OBoy. This was just luck on my part.

Hi Marc;

I want to thank you for your support and prompt shipment of the
Hein-Werner O'boy seal kit.  I placed the order on October 24, 2013 online,
and received the seal kit today, October 26, 2013.  Wow, two days from
the west coast to the east coast.  This must be some sort of record for the USPS.

I did manage to get the tank nut removed without too much trouble. I ordered a
2.5" pin spanner wrench from Amazon, and with the addition of a 24 inch extension
( a piece of pipe ), it came off with no problem, just a small amount of grunting and

Again, thank you for your assistance.  It'll be a few days before I have a chance to
install the new seals.   Fall yard work to prepare for winter (25 deg. F this morning)
takes precedence over fun projects.

Best Regards;

Myrle M of Candia, NH


Jack Repaired: Hein Werner OBoy. Do not expect this all the time.

Hi Marc,

I really appreciate your help.  It was great talking with you.  If you ever want to visit, you can stay in an 1826 stagecoach  hotel free of charge, meals included.  Do it in the summer.  You'll be much happier.
Jim D of Warren, ME

Jack Repaired: Hein Werner FP-10 and FR-10.16, customer had a Century Fox and needed to get kits to repair. Also ne

Thank you again for all of your help and selling the kit to 
us at cost. May your good deed bring you many blessings.

Have a good day.
Robin at USA Hydraulics

Jack Repaired: seal kit for Enerpac RC-756 (The internet price was wrong)


thanks much, the local jack parts supplier wouldn't even do a lookup for the seal. I have 2 10000 psi hand type porta power units and 4 or 5 jacks/hydraulic cylinders i will be rebuilding so their lazyness will be your gain, as i will getting the stuff i need from you in the future instead!

thanks again Rick T of Oceanside, CA

Jack Repaired: Purchased Seals

Dear Marc,

Thank you for your help. I will pass along your company’s name.


Paul K. from Shelburne Falls, MA

Jack Repaired: Seals Purchased

Thanks Marc I got it today and already put it in, works great, thanks again,
Ronnie M. of Lake Wales, FL

Jack Repaired: Hoyer Lift HML400


You were correct. The rod gland seal ring was present in the kit you shipped.

Thanks for the help and the patient explanation.



Bob F. of Sugar Land, TX

Bechtel, Fleet Operations Mgr

Jack Repaired: Napa 91-642

Mr. Lazzar,

Just wanted to say thank you for the phone call the other day regarding that part I was in search of for my jack.  I managed to get it working again yesterday after about two weeks of it being down.  I had been fighting with it not lifting whatsoever.  But, finally I got it to hold a load (my car) up for around half a hour so, I think I got it fixed.  New lease on life I say.

I improvised on what we had talked about a bit.  I put the smaller ball bearing down there followed by a bigger one that wouldn’t float up through the spring.  Then, the spring itself and the cap and tightened it down to where it needed to be.  Seems to work.

I am especially grateful that you offer a rebuild kit for it and it seems to be of great quality even though I just needed the one seal that went around the push ram.  Went ahead and replaced them all!  I didn’t find anywhere else that offered rebuild kits for it.

I really didn’t want to shovel out $200+ for another jack since I was still going to be tempted to fix it anyway.  (Not a fan of throwing away things that can be fixed.)

So, now I can give it a fresh coat of paint the next time I have a few to make it look good again.  Thanks again, Marc!  You have provided a great service that’s fair priced and quality where Sear’s and Craftsman had lacked.

You know, they wanted $150+ for a new hydraulic power unit, but they’ve discontinued them for sometime.  But, at that price, it’s time to invest in a new jack.



Brian R. of Newport News, VA

Jack Repaired: Sears 50239

Thank you for helping me this was my Grandfathers Jack and I want to restore it to like new any assembly instructions you have would be helpful. Thanks Again

Michael C. of Westminster, MD

Jack Repaired: Walker J-101

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial
The jack's back together and in the surgery table working nicely. Thanks for your help Marc.
Phil of Detrick Veterinary Hospital of Fort Bragg, CA

Jack Repaired: Surgery Table Jack

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial

Hi Marc,

Again I would like to say thanks for all of your help in bringing this old floor jack back to life. My dad said seeing it look like brand new and actually working again was the best fathers day present he has ever gotten. I think it brought back memories of he and I working together in his shop restoring old cars which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Again thanks.

Pics attached of the jack and my dad.

Kevin F. of Garner, NC

Jack Repaired: Sears 328.12040

Marc,  Paid at 1:30 EDST.

Thanks for your prompt service.


Jon H. of Deep River, CT


I have a Sears 1.5 ton floor jack purchased new in 1965. My model number tag is slightly damaged but I think it reads 104.11611. Your drawings for that jack show the model # as 140.11611 which I think should read 104.11611. I see that you also list a model 104.11612 and 104.11624, so I am guessing the 104.11611 is a good number. I just thought I would mention this possible typo to you.
I also tried to print a copy of your drawings and parts list but could not, do you have the copy ability blocked. Thanks.
Regards, Dave Frellsen
You are correct. Thank you. Already fixed. 
The printing is not restricted. The drawings are there just so they can be printed. What browser are you using and please include the version.  

Jack Repaired: NONE - Dave saw what he thought was a mistake on the website and let me know so it can be fixed.


From Buyer - Andrew N

5/15/2013 18:06 PDT


Today I received the repair kit for my jack but it is either incorrect or incomplete as there main seals for the ram of the jack are not in the kit you sent. The only reason I purchased the kit is for the main seal.

Please let me know how we can redeem this issue, as I would like to start using my jack again some day.

Thanks in advance,

Andy N. of Phoenix, AZ

From Seller - Lazzar's Floor Jack & Hydraulic Repair

5/21/2013 18:21 PDT


We spoke on Friday 05-17, you indicated that you were not sure if the seals were correct or not. (you had not looked at your seals in many years) That you would take apart your jack and compare your seals to the ones you purchased from me. You also mentioned that you would do it over the weekend, 05-18 & 19. The kit you purchased only fits a SnapOn YA642 Series C. If you have any other series, the kit will not fit. Also if you have a YA642C, this is not the same as a series C. Please let me know.


From Seller - Lazzar's Floor Jack & Hydraulic Repair

5/21/2013 18:25 PDT


Just more information.

This is a link to the drawings and seal kit number as printed by the factory. The seal kit number listed on the drawing is a 240530, this is what you ordered and it is also what was shipped to you.



Hello Marc Lazzar,

The dispute opened by Andrew N has automatically closed because it
was open for more than 20 days. Any funds associated with this disputed
payment are now available for withdrawal.

We hope that the dispute has been resolved.

Thank you,


Jack Repaired: Snap On YA642

Thank you so much for the phone call and super quick refund. This jack I am fixing is +/- 45 years old and it's been a good one! $100 is will worth investing to keep it running. I look forward to getting the seals and putting back into service.

That is great customer service you have and I appreciate it!!!

Thank You!
Russell C. of Weatherford, TX

Rockwell American

Jack Repaired: Sears 328.12160

Hi Marc,
Seal arrived today and I installed it.  JOY!
Fit perfect and jack is very happy as is it's owner  (me).
Thank you for your help.
I will call you first on the next need.

Tom P of Buffalo, TX

Thank you so much, I am ordering the seal kit right now.
My receipt number for this payment is: 5274-7929-7160-5662.
I can not wait to have my jack working again, I really appreciate your time and your
expert knowledge.
 John W. of Naperville, IL

Jack Repaired: Sears 140-11611

Thank You Marc,

Look no further if you need a hydraulic seal. There wasn't a repair kit for my bottle-jack / log-splitter. Astroline, the manufacturer had no info on it, but Marc took the time to call me. On his site you can identify the seals you need, all you need to do is to have the correct measurements, his site also shows you how to measure the seals and o-rings.
His service is great, I would have had to junk my log splitter had he not took the time. I had a $20.00 order, he had a great attitude on such a small order. He e-mailed me my bill, could have put my credit card info in, but it had a PayPal link, it was done! Ordered on Monday and my seals were delivered Thursday.   
Ron P of Harvest, Alabama

Jack Repaired: Astroline ALS1000 Log Splitter, Ron purchased the seals and did the work himself

Hi Marc
You guys are the best. I really appreciate all that you have done for me.That is just what I needed to see where the parts are located.I will purchase more kits in the future,I owe you big time. Thanks again.
Ron M of Harwinton, CT

Jack Repaired: Walker 99

I spoke with a guy named Mark over the phone and I simply cannot express how grateful I was with his patience and his help. He was the most willing person I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Usually it seems like I am made to feel like I am bothering a company when I call for help, but not with this guy. Wish everybody had such a helpful nature.

Exterran Gas Compressors

Jerry N. of Springtown, Tx

Jack Repaired: Mac Big Red

Installed today ....works like new....thanks

Glenn H. of Burbank, CA

Jack Repaired: Hein Werner WS - Power Unit only


Fabulous thanks, it has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Megan G. of Berri, SA    (Australia)


Procurement Officer

Water Engineering Technologies

SA Water Riverland Workshops

Jack Repaired: Blackhawk RC-161

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial
I just ordered 2ea 3312 kits for Hein Warner WS . Just to let you know that that kit fits Montgomery Ward Model 5630. You can add that reference to your web site.
Thanks for the great service.
Tim M of Somis, CA

Jack Repaired: Montgomery Ward 5630

Just a note of thanks!  Your timely repairs and great work made my old jack work like new. 
Mike G. of Lakewood, CA

Jack Repaired: Hein Werner WS

Parts received and installed. Jack is functional again. Thanks for the good prompt service.
Don L. of Vail, AZ

Jack Repaired: Sears 328-12160, Don purchased the repair kit and downloaded the manuel. He repaired it himself.

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial

I bought one of your kits for a Lincoln 2 ton and wanted to let you know that I appreciated the way you handled all my questions and the info you gave me on putting it back together.I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know.Thanks again for all you did and GOD BLESS YOU. 

Jim B. of Battle Creek, MI

Jack Repaired: Lincoln 93642 - Thanks Jim for the note. 06/22/2012

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial

Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 9:24 AM, Marc Lazzar wrote:
Email me a digital picture of your seal.
This is a link to my website, that will help you figure out what you need.
If you need help figuring out what you need, call me.


Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 9:44 PM, Marshall T. wrote:

Thanks Marc

It was difficult to install because the seal is much harder than the old material, but it works great.

Marshall T. of Kingsly, MI


Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 9:58 PM, Marc Lazzar wrote:

The new seal is urethane made in Europe. The old seal is made of Buna.


Jack Repaired: Unknown Import

Thank you for your help Marc,

Tim B Sr

Bryan Electric Company in NJ

Jack Repaired: Kits purchased for Greenlee knockout punches 1731-M3 and 1732-M2

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial


Thanks so much for sending these images.  So fascinating to see the details of what goes into this machine.
Can't wait to get it back and to get to work with it!
Roman C. of Los Angeles, CA

Jack Repaired: Elemack Spyder dolly

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial

Thanks for the rapid turn around and quality service! Your son was very professional today when I picked up the finished jack… Aside from the paint, it seems like new again, and ready for years of projects.

Thanks for offering this valuable service!


Eric B. of Costa Mesa, CA

Jack Repaired: Sears 328.12160

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial
"I have used the jack several times already and it's working great. When I picked it up your son was quick to demonstrate it under the rear end of a Jeep Cherokee.  A great experience (finally). Just wanted to say thanks for the repair and the service.  I'll definitely spread the word."
Charles P. of Santa Clarita, CA

Jack Repaired: Prolift G-493L

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial



Thank you so much for sending me the manual and also the one in the shipment. Now I can get this thing in my head so I can work on it. Hope you and your family have a very happy Easter.


Thanks again.


Lee W. of Spring City, TN

Jack Repaired: Walker J-883, Lee, purchased the kit and repaired this jack.

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial

"I had occasion to use my floor jack today to check the standard transmission fluid on my 57 Studebaker wagon.

The jack you repaired for me worked perfectly! Smooth as glass!

Many thanks for your fine work."

Hans S. of Los Angeles, CA

Jack Repaired: Keybar Maxi-Brute

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the kit and schematics as ordered. My neighbor and I just got around to repairing the jack. My neighbor is a retired mechanic/machinist and has a wonderfully equipped home shop. We found the schematic wasn't quite the same as the jack and a few parts you provided weren't useful, but we were able to improvise and everything went well and the jack works terrific. In fact, based on the knowledge that we developed in the repair we were able to make another jack functional - some 'idiot' had messed with the check valves and springs. At any rate, thanks for your good help. We had great fun in doing this project.”


Bill W. of Salem, OR

Jack Repaired: Walker 945-L, Bill purchased kit and repaired himself.

Lazzar HCRC Testimonial

"Thank you for being able to repair my jack, it works great. If anyone ask me if I know a place that repairs jacks I will send them to you."


Daniel S. of Montebello, CA

Jack Repaired: Motorcycle Lift